Schlaganfall Reha - Schlaganfall Intensiv-Therapie - Ergotherapie Laborn

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Laborn Arm Hand Shoulder Intensive Therapy

With our new and innovative intensiv training we combine recognized scientific methods such as IOT impairment oriented arm training, mirror therapy, mental training and the novel robotics-supported therapy to an efficient treatment process.

Before starting therapy, we carry out a precise patient diagnosis to ascertain the extent of the loss of function. On the basis of the analysed data we create an individual treatment programme from tried and tested and state-of-the-art therapeutic methods. Our innovative arm-hand-shoulder intensive training is also suitable for stroke patients where the stroke itself was a long time ago.

Lahsit einweihung ergoldsbachWe recommend intensive training of 2-3 hours daily on 10-15 consecutive days. Our LAHSIT course is an effective therapy combination for children and adults, the effectiveness of which is proven. The training is available to all patients with a prescription for ergotherapy. Some parts of the intensive training must be paid for privately.

LAHSIT is a new and highly effective therapy approach for:

  • Stroke patients with arm and hand problems
  • Hand and finger injuries
  • Problems with fine motor skills
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Functional arm problems